Learning Log Assignment

In this day and age, communication is becoming faster and easier to use by the day. Blogs, websites, e-mails, online chat rooms/phone calls, social networking sites, etc. all keep us “close to home” although we may be thousands of miles away.

I created several personal blogs in the past, but unfortunately never kept them up. I could see the value of continuously updating them, especially for someone who lives far away from his home-country. Nonetheless, the task was too demanding for me. Communication via phone, skype, e-mail and social networking sites seemed to be my consistent course of action.

Professionally, I began creating blogs for school-related assignments about 3 years ago, as a response to the N1H1 (Bird Flu) Epidemic, when our school in Ghana was shut down for 2 weeks. The main reason for the creation of the blog was, of course, communication. Keeping my 2nd grade students and their parents updated, learning, and communicating with each other was necessary. Due to their simple user-interface, blogs offer a convenient way to store and update information. I quickly added lessons, assignments, scanned worksheets, and located appropriate websites to complement the work students were to be doing. Although that blog was not a perfect means of communication with students and parents, it was a great solution to having no students on campus.

I am now asked to create a blog to document my own learning process. I must say I am very excited for this opportunity. I have been working on my blog for 2 weeks now, and I am learning that there is so much to blogs than I first imagined. There are so many different programs out there, each having its own roles and jobs (e-mail to communicate, skype to call, blog to keep people updated, etc), and what I enjoy the most is the innovative and creative ways in which many of them can complement each other, be put together onto one “central command”, and become so much more than “the sum of its parts”.

My blog aligns to AECT standard 2 (Development) because it includes in it different materials I develop throughout my educational journey- blogs, videos, etc., which require me to develop my ability (knowledge, skills, and dispositions) to think creatively, create materials, and collaborate with others.

It also aligns to AECT standard 4.4 (Information Management) because it shows evidence of my ability to manipulate information in order to create effective and meaningful learning experiences both for myself and for my students.


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