Tech Trends Assignment

This week I was asked to create a lesson and enrich it by using technology. It took me a while to decide what lesson I would like to create for this assignment. The most challenging thing for me was to choose which devices to utilize. My choices were not plenty. It was either using my school’s computers with pre-installed software, or the iPads, which most students had little experience with. I initially had a great idea for using the iPad for our new unit “Materials and Matter”, but I had to give it up when I found few apps exist on this topic. In the absence of “specialized” apps, computers would be much more useful for a group of 5th graders.

I then decided to utilize what I have already been doing with/for my students. A couple of years ago I came across Only2Clicks– a great visual bookmarking service where anyone can access your published URLs (there is a snapshot for each URL). Wanting to keep all my online teaching resources in an organized place, last year I created a page for my students and their parents. It was an immediate success. Upon deciding to use this service, it was clear that my lesson would include research (perfect for our inquiry-based curriculum!)

When I was planning the next math unit (decimals and fractions) with my co-teacher, we decided to start with a pre-assessment of multiplication and division. Then it was clear! I could connect our previous unit (about learning styles) and the Learning Pyramid to get the students to show their understanding by teaching others how to multiply.

The plan would be to start with a pre-assessment, continue with viewing instructional videos, and have the students create their own instructional videos (which connects perfectly with the ICT plan of using MovieMaker to create and edit videos!). To reflect on their understanding, I decided to create a survey using the free site Survey Monkey, which I planned on students using next month anyway. It all came together beautifully!

UPDATE: Here are some images of our work:

 Math- Teaching Concepts (2)     Math- Teaching Concepts (1)

 Ronen's Multiplication Lesson 022    Ronen's Multiplication Lesson 017

This is the Tech Trends lesson plan:

(The lesson can be downloaded with proper formatting as a Google Doc.)