Zotero Library Assignment

Zotero. A very cool tool. Trying to avoid using firefox to use it, I found a Chrome extension, which I found extremely useful. I then downloaded the stand-alone version, and voila! I could easily cite articles, save a highlighted PDF attachment to it, and was done. Very exciting tool, and much more useful than the old “Son of Citation Machine”, which only semi-helps the user to cite sources properly.

I am currently teaching 5th grade, and we are not quite ready to use citations at this level. To be honest, I am not familiar with Secondary School enough to know when and where citation needs to be used. The only time I had to cite APA or MLA was in college, so in terms of my own job at the moment, the citation tool is not too applicable.

In order to synch my stand-alone version to my Chrome extension, I had to enter my username and password to the stand-alone version (under “Settings”-> “Synch”), and then refresh the page on Chrome. Once it synched, it was quite simple to transfer the items to the group’s library.

Here is my research and citations:

As a first research assignment I decided to read about the history or education and the emerging need for Educational Technology (in its various definitions). I ended up finding excellent articles about where we are at the moment in terms of both critiques of current EdTech practices as well as the ethics involved in newly emerging technologies. Fascinating research articles out there!

Here are my articles in an APA style citation list:

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