Hypermedia- Relative Advantage

In this vodcast I discuss hypermedia and multimedia, and the relative advantage of using such technologies in the classroom:




5 thoughts on “Hypermedia- Relative Advantage

  1. I really like your format of of you vodcast. Specifically, your presentation of the information using images overlaid with your commentary was very effective! Would you please explain the tools or software you used to make your vodcast. I have both a MAC and a PC and my big hurdle with this blog assignment has been deciding how to present the information and which tools I should use, so I am curious about your method – because I really like the format of the presentation!

  2. Thanks!
    It took me hours and hours… I was not sure what to do in the beginning, and am still not sure if this is a vodcast… :-/
    Anyhow, I used a PowerPoint Presentation and a Screen Recorder. I dropboxed the script and opened it on my iPad, and read it from there, while clicking the PPT’s slides and animations.
    The Screen Recording software? I work on a Mac. I downloaded a free trial of Camtasia. Heard its great. Did a test run and the sound was terrible…
    So I just reverted to QuickTime Player. Went to File and clicked “New Screen Recording”. From there it was a piece of cake. Great audio and video quality, and it’s free and simple to use! I even trimmed the beginning of my video with the QTP editor.
    Hope that helps.
    Good luck,

  3. I really like the distinction you make between multimedia and hypermedia. This helps to better understand your discussion and relative advantages. I liked your visual and explanation of the sequence of development steps for hypermedia products used by Roblyer and Doering. Each step is very important when choosing multimedia to use in the classroom. Multimedia must be analyzed and tested before it can be integrated with your students. Even asking or using your students’ opinions can help you develop and find direction in your multimedia. Great video!

  4. Ronen your vodcast was very educational and you provided a lot of good information. I really like your images throughout your presentation. The examples you shared created a visual representation of how multimedia and hypermedia work. I can only imagine how long it took you to put this together. Nice job! I enjoyed watching your vodcast.

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