EdTech 505- Evaluation for Educational Technologies- Entry #1

This is my first reflection post for the EdTech 505 course. When I first started the course I thought it would be a more large-scale evaluation, of the entire school or of the technology aspect of a school. When we were asked to look into a program at our school that we would like to evaluate I immediately knew that I would like to look into our report card system for several reasons. First, it keeps changing from year to year. Second, writing report cards at my current school has been by far the most stressful task I was asked to complete. Third, our report card system has never been formally evaluated. And last, from my experience, there are many different ways to report about student learning, which are not as demanding on teachers’ time and instruction.

So I sent an e-mail to my Principal (who is new this year), and explained to him what this course is about, and what the reasons for my desire to objectively evaluate are. To my delight, he agreed, and even asked me to share the results with him once it is completed.

It is now week three and I am starting to consider how I will conduct this evaluation. The textbook, The ABCs of Evaluation, looks like it would provide me with just enough guidance as I embark on this adventure, and my professor and peers are providing excellent suggestions and guidance through our online course discussions. 

I am excited to take this course, and feel that both my school and myself are fortunate to have this opportunity to evaluate such an important aspect of our teaching. I will continue to post updates on my blog as the course progresses. 




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