534- HelloPurr

Welcome to my reflective journal for EdTech 534 Mobile App Design for Teaching and Learning. This is one of the elective courses I chose as part of my Master’s Degree coursework in Educational Technology at Boise State University. This journal is a document of my reflections and the progress I have made in designing apps for education purposes.

I am very excited to take this course. Designing apps is a course I have been planning to take for a while, and now it’s the time… Although my knowledge and experience in developing applications are nonexistent, and the fact that it has been years since I used non-iOS platforms, I believe that my enthusiasm and knowledge in other areas of technology would allow me to understand concepts and procedures, and to create interesting applications. We are using the MIT App Inventor AI2 software, which seems pretty straightforward, and the step-by-step tutorials have proven to be very effective in my initial development of Android apps. I tried to venture off on my own to explore and put together different commands, but so far it seems that I am still in need of tutorials, especially because I am not sure what each command means.

The first app I created was called “HelloPurr.” I followed the tutorial and made some modifications. such as added an image of a black kitten and the text “Pet this kitty if you dare!” which, upon clicking the kitty, changes into “Now THAT was a mistake!” along with a (very annoying) scream sound. It was not impressive in any way, but still a good first app in my journey.

I added an image of the screen below. If you are interested to try this app, just scan the QR Code and download it (Android platform only). Enjoy!


Ronen-HelloPurrAssignment-ScreenQR Code