534- PaintPot

This week our task was to build an interactive paint app called, “PaintPot“. It was a fun experience which allowed for many different modification possibilities. Again, the tutorial was simple to follow, and the results were simple but fun.

I decided to increase the number of paintbrush colors (from three to eight), and added the ability to change the background of the canvas (in addition to the option of taking a photo and using it as the background) to nine different colors. I also changed the initial image to one of my 8- year old son. I must say that it was a lot of fun to work on this app together with him, and he was the one who suggested changing the background color of the canvas…

I also tried to stretch my skills and introduce the possibility of uploading an image from the device’s photo gallery, but for some reason it did not work. It did allow users to get into the photo gallery, but then the app shut down. I tried a variety of different ways, but to no success… Another thing I tried was to allow the user to save the canvas (with the image they painted), but again I was unable to select the correct App Inventor pieces. I was quite frustrated with all my failed attempts, but then chose to do the above mentioned additions/modifications, which ended my second attempt of building apps on a positive note.

In terms of the different ways one could use my app, the first one is obvious- for fun! My son’s friend came over and I let her play with it. She played for over 30 minutes, and throughout the experience I continuously heard loud laughter from my son’s room. She took photos of my son and herself, and of objects in the room, and added different lines and dots in different colors to make the images look funny. I was quite pleased with the success of my app…

Aside from having fun with the app, it could also be used as a tool for fine motor skill development. It is important to paint lines and dots on top of an image in the correct place in order for the desired effect to take place. Another way to use the app is to use an annotated image to explain concepts. For example, one can take an image of themselves and annotate it with the names of their body parts.

It would be great to add another button so that users can add text instead of dots and lines.

Here is a screenshot of my App Inventor page. I also added the QR Code in case you would like to download the app and play around with it!

Screen Shot- PaintPot Project- RonenQR Code


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