534- MoleMash

This week we were to follow the tutorial to create the MoleMash app and modify it. This app introduced us to new concepts and skills like procedures, using sprites and randomly positioning them on the page, adding clocks and earning and losing points, or even reseting points.

It was a fun app to work through, and although it was long, everything worked well quickly. One thing I am noticing is that as the procedures and tasks are getting more complicated, I am introduced to new ways of doing things, which are quite different from the coding involved in other design programs such as HTML and CSS. I will need to continue to make sure my conceptual understanding stays clear.

For my app I decided to add another sprite (moving image) and change the point system. I also imported new sounds and images, but overall kept it quite simple. I had some difficulties with how the new image looked because it appeared different on an Android tablet than on a phone. I am not sure why, but hopefully the question will be answered in our course’s Q&A forum. Here is a screenshot of some of the building blocks of my code:

WhackEm Screenshot

One thing that helps with my own design is the discussion component of the course. Students are sharing their work, and I find their creativity to be inspiring, both in terms of content and design. An example for a creative content is one student who chose to use the app to create a fun game that teaches her students about food from the Old World and the New World. This made me think about the fact that so far I have been designing my apps more for entertainment purposes rather than educational ones. Other students added different design ideas, which we have not yet learned, such as creating multiple screens, adding music, and using background images to enhance the visual experience.


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