534- Explore Israel

This week we were asked to build the Paris Map Tour app. The app is a custom guide for a trip to Paris, which includes a pre-determined list of locations and re-direction to any URL chosen by the developer, which in this case was three different destinations in Paris. Although the number of blocks is small, the concepts behind them are quite complicated. We used ActivityStarter to launch other apps, the WebViewer to display web pages within the app, the List Variables to store the user’s chosen destination, the ListPicker to allow the user to choose from a list, and we built a URL dynamically to show different maps. As I said, it was quite simple to build the app, but the use of the different components was more difficult to replicate in different apps.

I decided to modify my app and change it into a tour to my country of birth- Israel. I played around with the URLs and substituted them for images from Israel. It was difficult to figure out why the images did not show, and instead the Google Maps URL appeared, but after comparing and contrasting with the Paris images I realized that the app would accept only panoramic or StreetView images. Once I realized that, it was easy to insert good images of different destinations around Israel. I also decided to add a link to a project I did for my 502 Web Design course, which is a virtual tour of Israel. I think they fit well together. Lastly, I added a background (Israel flag) and changed the size of the different components to make the images and website look better.

I had some difficulties with scrolling within the WebViewer. It seemed to have been solved by ticking the “Scrollable” button (while the WebViewer size was set to automatic), but then the map URL images became too large, and it just did not look good. I tried to play around with if->when blocks to add an exception (that the screen becomes scrollable only when the user chooses the Virtual Field Trip), but it didn’t work.

I am quite satisfied with the app, and can’t wait to work on next week’s app!

Here are my app’s blocks (looks simple, right?)

Ronen's App Blocks