534- Where’s My Car?

This week I built the “Android, Where’s my Car?” app. The idea behind the app is for the user to record a location (the location is saved in the app), move away from it, and record another location. Then, s/he can click a button to generate a Google Map which would display a route between the two coordinates.

While building the app I used the Location Sensor functionality again, but this time it created and displayed the coordinates on the screen. I also used the TinyDB (Database) to store the locations. Finally, I used the WebViewer again to display the map. Although there were many buttons and labels to add, which made it look a bit messy, I eventually sorted through them and made the screen look nice and organized, as instructed.

The changes I made to my app (“Got Lost”) were the following:

  • Design: I added a light blue background color (which changed into black after re-set), pink horizontal lines, and changed the sizes and location of some of the existing texts.
  • Welcome Screen: I added a welcome screen with “app introduction”, an image, and a button which directs the user to the main screen.
  • Main Screen: I really liked the way the app was made so I decided not to change any of its functionalities. I changed some of the text size, color, and wording, as well as the app’s alignment (to centered). The coordinates are disabled when the map pops up, and I also added a Reset button to start the search over.

If I had more time, I would have tried to create a group GPS locator, which locates a pre-determined group of people and displays it on others’ devices.

I find myself intrigued with with the Location Sensor functionality, which is a bit weird. Initially I opposed the idea of displaying users’ locations to everyone, but as an app developer I am fascinated by the interesting possibilities they offer, both for convenience and safety reasons. As I continue to build more apps and get more experience using location sensors, I hope an interesting and original idea would surface, so I can try it out later in the course.

The original “Android, Where’s My Car” Screen: 

The original screen of "Android, Where'r My Car?"

My modifications:

1. “Got Lost” welcome Screen


2. “Got Lost”- Locations and directions screen

"Got Lost" Image #2