I spent countless hours trying to get my app to do what I needed. It refused, leaving me red-eyed and frustrated. Then I realized I was overestimating my understanding of AI2…

I decided to forget about the backward and forward buttons, the frames, and most of the Lists. Instead, I created virtual screens for the brush color and size, and the background color. I added music and my own voice’s recording of the instructions.

I liked creating the Help image (below), although I had to edit and upload it several times due to screen changes… I should have waited with this image until the end.


Just when I thought I finalized the look of the drawing screen I had a brilliant idea of adding 2 more sounds to the sound options. I also noticed I forgot to do anything with the Sharing idea… So I will need to take more screenshots of the main screen in the days to come…


The idea of creating virtual screens was not mine. It was suggested by a classmate. It really is great to be able to have help from other students, and to offer my knowledge and understanding of AI2 to others. I also found a great resource for information about different project with AI2. There are many Google Groups that deal with AI2 issues. Here is the link. It is definitely worth looking into if you are working with MIT’s App Inventor 2. I found very useful information searching through the forums.

For the questions which are still unanswered, “I sent out an S.O.S.”, as the say. I will waiting for more creative advice from my colleagues…


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