This week I did not make much progress with my app. I finalized the look and re-arranged some of the icons to allow for more canvas space. After some debating, I decided it would be an iPad app rather a phone app because the icons ended up too small on a phone. Using code language I think I would have been able to create a more interesting flexible layouts, but AI2 does not allow for that option. Unfortunately, I was unable to find answers to two questions online or from my peers at Boise State. The two questions were:

  1. How to save images into the photo gallery rather than into a folder in the root directory.
  2. How to save images in progressive order rather than rename an existing image (hence deleting it)

Here are some of the screenshots of my almost-finished finished app:

The first is the main drawing app interface and the second is the pop-up help screen

Screenshot_MainScreen     ScreenShot_HelpPage




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