Gaming and Me

The gamification infographic was quite an interesting read to me. It made me reconsider my view of myself as an amateur gamer. I am no longer in the category of a gamer at all… I remember playing for hours on my new green/black screen PC, and then on my color screen, deep into the night. I also remember meeting one particular friend about twice a week after school downtown and spending hours playing video games at our favorite local pizza joint. But this all stopped around 1995 before I finished high-school. This was the time when “Active Worlds” became the gamer’s reality. We used to play Dungeons and Dragons for hours at a time (the old-fashioned way…), and upon reflection I realize never played D&D online, which was something I always wanted to. I am intrigued but scared to find out what amazing adventure games are out there these days…

I am also realizing that I am feeling quite old and out of practice. The infographic presents so many possibilities for games that I am a little confused. I will require more time to sit down, and think and plan thoroughly what I would like to do.


Infographic- gamification-education