Gamifying Education

This animated presentation by Daniel Floyd is a fast-paced educational presentation about Tangential Learning- the idea that if we are engaged in a context we care about (watching a video, playing a game, etc.), we will inevitably learn something about the content, and hopefully try to learn more about it. It is funny and includes animations and images moving very fast while the speaker presents the information.

The most important thing about “gamifying education” is to ensure that learning is embedded in the game rather than how it has traditionally been- starting with a short interesting content followed by a the boring lesson. Daniel Floyd suggests that games should be tangential, and that designers should create games that embed new content in them. One way is to add educational quotations about the topic at hand. Another method is to include several references to real life content, while ensuring they are all related (to avoid confusion between real and made up references). Yet another method is to include in-game indexes (such as wikipedia) in an interesting and engaging way, which would allow for the gamers to quickly and easily research the topics they are interested in.

To summarize this presentation, FUN is the key word. Games should be created to be more than a “mere diversion”, and should “enhanc[e] the player’s experience without getting in the way of the fun”