Quest: Exploration of the Temple of Portunus

I explored the community, which according to the authors is “Art, Museum, Culture, Music… toward the real world of contemporary art”. I walked around and flew over the beautiful ruins while listening to fantastically relaxing Thai music.

This informational virtual world helps members explore the Temple of Portunus, an ancient God Temple. There are several informational locations, such as the Domus Romana or Temple, where you can site down, enjoy the view and/or read information about the monuments.

I found some new (to me…) and interesting things there. There was a blue object that helps your avatar imitate different dances (the My Belly DAN was my favorite, by the way…), and a couple’s dance too, but unfortunately there was no one in sight, so I just set down and watched the beautiful sunset…

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.30.59 PM