QUEST: Video Game Graphics

As I watched this awesome video about the history of graphics, I could not help myself but feeling old and out of shape, but also invigorated by my good ol’ days of gaming…

I believe I played about 90% of the games in the video, although they arrived in Israel a bit later, but stayed the “norm” for at least 5-10 more years.

The first game I would like to discuss is Pong. This game is one of the earliest games, from the Pixel Pioneers era. I remember sitting at home with my older sister, playing this simple game and absolutely loving it. It felt much better than playing pingpong outside in the hot sun… It is amazing to me, upon reflection, how basic and boring this game is. There is no plot, no graphics, no change (aside from the ball’s speed), yet how much fun we had playing it. IT would definitely not fly with today’s kids… 🙂


The second game is Donkey Kong. This game is much more advanced than Pong, and goes under the “Sprite Scrolling” era. This was the time when gaming became famous in Israel, with SEGA and Nintendo starting to produce more interesting and complicated games. OK… Donkey Kong was not too complicated, but it kept us kids occupied on our little pre-Gameboy toy (that brown device that has only one game on it…). I guess the graphics did not matter because we did not know better… It satisfied our needs!


The last game (from the same 1980s era) was my absolute favorite- Altered Beast. I spent hours and hours playing, and lots of money taking the bus downtown and getting myself killed again and again. But this game was exhilarating, in a much newer way than Donkey Kong. We were fully in it- fighting with our minds and bodies, sweating, swearing, high-fiving, and banging on the machine when we lost, only to put in more coins and pick up where we left before it was too late…

Altered Beast