QUEST: Prometheus- Shuttle Operator

My first significant achievement in Second Life (at least to me…:-)). Flying a Type 6 shuttle to a nearby station, landing and flying back to Prometheus. Successful venture on second attempt.

Frustration level: Low
Self-image level: Medium
Confidence level: High


OK. So it wasn’t that easy, but I got it figured out. Eventually. The beautiful tutorial comic Dr. Haskell created for us has helped. Observing a fellow EdTechian fly the shuttle with moderate success has been very useful as well.comic- fly a type 6 shuttle

I had no problem rez (“materialize”?!) the shuttle and get it out of Prometheus. I also knew my destination was near, and so I found the space station quickly. I flew the shuttle but was not sure where to land. I eventually found landing space at the top. On Hover Mode I slowed down and landed, although I did not know what exactly “to land” means. I did figure out that all it means is that we’re low enough… Flying back was easy as well, but had several failed attempts at finding the way back in. There were two doors open on the side so I got in through them, only to realize it’s a cargo delivery door… I eventually turned to the back of Prometheus and found the right doors. One thing I need to make sure is to chill on the button pressing. The shuttle’s movement is quite sensitive.