QUEST: Ticking Timebomb

I woke up quite early that Thursday. 5:39am to be exact. After my usual 9-minute snooze. I logged on to the see what’s happening with Prometheus and was shocked to watch Admiral Severus’s SOS message from Isus Tempus, our sister station.

Unfortunately, something went wrong. I logged on to the Terminal (SecondLife), and had to reboot twice before I was allowed access. Something smelled fishy. By the time I was in, everyone was panicking. Radiation levels seemed above normal, but I wasn’t sure if it was on Prometheus or up in Isis Tempus. Not thinking twice, I immediately put on a helmet. Better safe than sorry.

From what I gathered, the crew rezzed a shuttle and headed for Isis Tempus. Their mission was to send in the Science and Security crew, find the Admiral, and deactivate the reactor. They were also to find remaining crew members and shuttle them back down to SkyLab.

As I wrote earlier, by the time I got to the Medical Lab, the Admiral was lying unconscious and in isolation. From what I gathered, crew members suspected he was up to no good, and was responsible for the deaths of the Isis Tempus crew, and poisoning members of SkyLab as well. He was experimenting on some new weaponry or something. Evidence was shown, but no trial was held. I am still not sure what exactly happened up there. Who knows, I may have been under the influence…

The sad episode ended with Commander Haskell praising the crew for their fantastic work. The Science crew was commended for their incredible level of readiness. Their use of radios to communicate with one another was what made catching the treacherous Admiral so quickly possible.

The lives and deaths of the Isis Templus and the SkyLab crew will not be forgotten!