The Professional Educator:

“Boise State University strives to develop knowledgeable educators who integrate complex roles and dispositions in the service of diverse communities of learners. Believing that all children, adolescents, and adults can learn, educators dedicate themselves to supporting that learning. Using effective approaches that promote high levels of student achievement, educators create environments that prepare learners to be citizens who contribute to a complex world. Educators serve learners as reflective practitioners, scholars and artists, problem solvers, and partners.” 
(from Teacher Education Conceptual Framework page)

Throughout the program I have been taking five core courses, five electives, and the culminating Portfolio course.

Below is a list of the courses, summaries, and links to syllabi.


Core Courses:

EDTECH 501: Introduction to Educational Technology (syllabus)

Overview of the field of educational technology emphasizing current issues, leadership in technology use planning, and evaluation/synthesis of research.

EDTECH 502: Internet for Educators (Syllabus)

Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information found on the Internet. Design and produce instructional Web pages using a combination of software and HTML/XHTML/CSS code. Apply appropriate instructional strategies and models to the design of digital curriculum.

EDTECH 503: Introduction to Instructional Design (Syllabus)

Apply learning theory, principles of visual literacy, and graphic design techniques for instructional media development. Select and combine visual and text representations to effectively communicate instructional information.

EDTECH 504: Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology (Syllabus)

Overview of classic and contemporary theories of learning and their applications in educational technology and emerging orientations; implications for practice. Explores foundations, history, perspectives, and literature in the field. Enables students to think more critically about issues in the field, as well as their own work and career goals.

EDTECH 505: Evaluation (Syllabus)

The goals of this course are for students to learn important concepts and practices in the field of evaluation including: management, models, data sources, analysis, and reporting results. The unofficial version of these goals is to empower students to become a consumer of research, and give them the tools to skillfully evaluate educational materials. Program evaluation investigates the effectiveness or impact of interventions and social programs. One engages in program evaluation to learn which aspects of a program are working and which are not.



EDTECH 532: Education Games and Simulations (Syllabus)

Explores the theory and implementation of educational games, simulations, and virtual environments for improved instructional engagement. Includes evaluation methods and socio-cultural implications. NOTE: This course requires synchronous meetings in Second Life. Please read the syllabus for specifics on the date and time of the synchronous meetings.

EDTECH 534: Mobile Design for Teaching and Learning (Syllabus)

Students leverage the potential of mobile technologies by exploring, analyzing, and designing mobile apps for use in various settings such as teaching, learning, and work.

EDTECH 541: Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum (Syllabus)

Examination and practice in technology integration strategies in classroom environments, using various applications, instructional, and productivity software, evaluating tools and resources, and developing integrated instructional activities.

EDTECH 542: Technology-Supported Project-Based Learning (Syllabus)

In this interactive, online course students will learn how to use the Standards-Focused Project Based Learning (PBL) Model to develop instructional units. During the course, students will work independently and collaboratively through all phases of successful PBL, from deciding on a project theme to reflecting on the outcomes of a project. Online discussions and activities will be centered on exploration of issues related to PBL. As a culminating activity, students will develop a PBL unit for use in their own teaching or training.

EDTECH 551: Technical and Grant Writing (Syllabus)

Project-based instruction entailing various kinds of technical writing, all focusing on a completed grant proposal. Includes evaluating writing for print versus electronic display. Additional focus on writing proficiencies, as needed.


Culminating Activity:

EDTECH 592: Portfolio (Syllabus)

The portfolio is required for students in the Master of Education Technology (M.E.T.) program who enrolled Fall 2008 and after. This is a three unit course taken in your last semester in the program. In the course, you will be compiling various artifacts and reflective statements that demonstrate your achievement of competencies in the program. Your portfolio will presented to, and evaluated by, your faculty committee. Here is the course description: A broad-based selection of significant student work that is used to appraise student performance and professional development. A portfolio reflects the depth and breadth of a student’s educational growth since entering the graduate program. Portfolios may include, but are not limited to, classroom examinations, journals, writing samples, publishable scholarship, professional projects, annotated bibliographies, and artistic endeavors. Graded pass/fail only. This course is taken at the end of the M.E.T program after the Application for Admission to Candidacy form has been submitted and approved. Departmental permission is required to register for this course. Please complete the online Portfolio Application to obtain a permission number prior to registration.